Identifying Vendors

How do we help you identify good vendors?  Here is a partial list of what we do:

1. Assist you in narrowing your breadth of ERP needs i.e. process industry, discreet manufacturing, the specific industry you or your client are focused in.

2.  We ensure that the all the ERP vendors, including the vendors of interest to you, are experts in your market with an established track record.

3. This should eliminate say 8 to 10 of the 20 vendors that look promising.  If not, we will send a request for information to the remaining companies.  Some of them will not respond.

4. Once we receive response, we compare each response against the requirements you outline for us.  Once this is completed, we prepare a side-by-side comparison.  For example: you have 1400 requirements and the vendors answer from 5-0 for each requirement. We total up the answers and get a number the vendor scored. We present  the top vendors above a baseline requirement provided by you.  This number will be different for each selection process. Anyway the top 4 or so vendors should be invited in for demonstrations. 

5. The top vendors will  be invited provide demonstrations consistent with your specific criteria. 

6.  You evaluate the top vendors with specific criteria, rank them and purchase your software.

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